We can create almost any cake or dessert you can dream of. The beauty of our made-from-scratch creations is surpassed only by their quality ingredients and delicious taste.

And when you choose San Diego Desserts as your source for your special cake or dessert, you can be assured of complete satisfaction.

Whether you want to custom design your own cake or pick up a couple of individual cakes for a dinner party or other occasion, San Diego Desserts has what you are looking for.

Specialty Cakes

Delicious whole cakes in a variety of flavors. Choose 2 or 3 layers in a Standard 10-inch Round Cake, Half Sheet Cake or Whole Sheet Cake; or a 2-layer Quarter Sheet Cake.

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Individual Desserts

The same individual desserts we serve in the bistro in a variety of flavors. Perfect for when you're having a small party and don't need a full cake.

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Our unique and delicious tarts are great for any occasion and come in a variety of fruit, creme and other flavors.

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Our signature dessert featured in our logo, we make cupcakes from scratch all day, every day. Standard and oversized cupcakes are available, depending on your need.

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We make our mouth-watering cheesecakes right here in our kitchen, using only the best natural ingredients and creating an unequaled taste temptation

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We take the time to make our cookies in small batches to ensure fine quality and taste. Perfect for parties, gifts or any occasion.

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Mini Desserts

Delicious and delectible. Dainty and sophisticated. These miniature desserts are a real showstopper.

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We cater morning pastries every day throughout San Diego. Whether you need a dozen or one hundred, we can accommodate your order.

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